-  Carbon FBF muffler from a Ducati 750SS mated to SV header with custom stainless midpipe and stainless hanger.

I’m a Dealer mechanic/fabricator/roadracer from the early eighties who’s been off the road for 25 years. I always liked the raw naked superbike look from my race days. When looking for a street bike recently, I didn’t care for the trend toward big bloated tanks, huge wild tailsections, and star wars fairings. I like pure function with no extra weight added just for styling.

 The SV caught my eye because of its great engine and chassis. I prefer the less radical styling and carbs of the Gen 1’s but still didn’t like the big tail section and and cheap suspension. I had my eye on the Ducati tail and was searching ebay for one when I found this bike! It was a loosly assembled project bike but it already had the “Monster” tail and cool paint. I called it a rolling basket case because it looked fairly complete, but took me over 200 hrs to finish.

The purchase price was $2700 and I’m not one to buy anything I can make so if I don’t count my labor. the total cost was only around $3200 I never could ride a bike like everyone elses, so this has been a satisfying way to re-enter the sport bike world. Gotta check into these track days now