Oven kit 110v for Hobby-Vac$65

Hobby-Vac - Heating Element Kits

Important: These heating element kits are custom made and optimized for the Hobby-Vac machine. They have the correct watt density and infra-red wavelength as well as built in supplemental perimeter heating. you do not need temperature controls with these kits because they are “tuned” to work well with plastics. There are many other types of elements that can be designed into this machine, but none of them will do a better job, and all of them will cost more. There are simply no “Off the Shelf” elements you can buy that will work as well as these oven kits.

These oven kits really work well!.. Please don’t try to re-invent this critical component.

Hobby Vac oven

What’s in the kit

These kits include a pre-coiled Nichrome wire element of the correct gauge and length. This element operates at the proper infra-red wavelength to best match the heat absorption characteristics of the plastic. High temp.1/2 in. thick ceramic fiber board forms the floor of your oven and allows direct surface mounting of the element. Stainless steel terminal screws and fasteners eliminate corrosion. High temp hook up wire with nickel plated ring terminals attached. Full size template for drilling holes. Easy 1 hour assembly.

Attention: These are not universal heating elements to be use on other machines or for other uses. They are designed specifically as a bottom heater and work properly only when installed and vented according to the plans. There are no instructions supplied with the elements. For liability reasons these kits will only be sold to Hobby-Vac plans purchasers, and the installation instructions are part of the plans.