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May 3, 2020 #vacuum-forming #proto-form

The Minute Mask by Kevin Ellsworth

Vacuum formed masks

Kevin Ellsworth has created an amazing solution for getting 4-6 filters from ONE N-95 mask. The vacuum formed plastic mask and cap accept many types of filters and is designed for reuse. The masks are created on Kevin’s customized Proto-Form. Here’s the Minute Mask description from

“The Minute Mask was designed to be washable, reusable, replenished and repaired very quickly.

There is no worry of not getting replacement parts or filters since the mask can be replenished with materials found locally.

Filters are found at most stores known as makeup remover pads and come in 100 packs of 100% Cotton. They can be added to or replaced with higher micron filter material such as N-95 grade filtration. A single N-95 mask can make as many as 4-6 Filters for the Minute Mask.

The Stretch Straps can be replaced with common Rubber Bands chained together. Loops can be used to go around the ears as an alternative strap.

Add a foam Comfort Liner to get a perfect fit. Though the hard plastic is form fitting, the Comfort Liner takes it a step further for extended use.”

3D Print your own “DoorHicky”

Doug has been making copper door opening hooks. “I called it a doohicky and someone thought I said DoorHicky so the name stuck.”

Copper is the only material that kills germs. The copper ions attack the cells and completely sterilize the hook in 2-4 hours. The virus can live on most metals 5 days and plastics and stainless 2-3 days.

Copper DoorHicky

Copper DoorHicky

Using the DoorHicky

Using the DoorHicky

While most of us aren’t able to 3D print copper at home, we can print ABS or PLA. Here is the “beefed up” 3D printable DoorHicky, free for you to download and print.

3D print DoorHicky

3D print DoorHicky

DOWNLOAD FILE: DoorHicky STL file for printing

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